Miami Locals Trust Us For Dry Cleaning Services


Proper care cleaning, and conditioning can lengthen the life of your leather items and keep it – and you – looking beautiful for years. We will return your favorite piece in perfect condition, with no warping, discoloration, or stretching.

Area Rugs

All rugs are designed to capture dirt and grime, and it’s those same dirt particles that can wear down the fibers and shorten the life of the rug itself. With regular cleaning & maintenance, we’ll help you keep your rugs healthy and beautiful and extend their lives – whether your rug is pricey or priceless.

Comforters & Bed linens

Keep your bedding clean to prevent allergies and bedbugs. Our comforter and linen cleaning process is suited for the most durable and delicate types. Rest assured, you’ll love how clean your bedding will be!