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October Laundry Service Special at Town Custom Cleaners!

Are you tired of washing your dress clothes and not getting the finish you want or deserve? Do you want the sheen on your shirts that were there when you first bought them? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you should come to Town Custom Cleaners for the best laundry service. We’ve been serving the Miami community of Hammocks and Kendall for the last twenty-five years. We do dry cleaning Miami, and not only do we treat your shirts with care, no other cleaners will, but we do it while being ECO-friendly. We know all our customers have their preferences when it comes to having their clothes cleaned, so we take each request to heart, and we deliver on them. Our family-owned business does more than just cleaning. We also provide alterations, wedding gown preservation, leather cleaning, rug cleaning, and more. But, this October we’re having a special on men’s dress shirts.


Our $1.99 Shirt Special

For this October Special, we’re charging $1.99 on men’s dress shirt (button-down, one pocket) wash and press only. To take advantage of this deal, you must bring five shirts minimum, and you must pay upfront at the time of drop off. We have a fast yet diligent service, so you’ll be able to pick up your shirt the next day. With this deal, we hope to thank our customers and make any other residents of the Miami area our customers as well.


Laundry Service You Can Count On

“Should I dry clean my shirt?” People frequently ask these questions. One way you can tell is by looking at the care tag on your shirt or garment. If it says dry clean only, then that you should bring it to Town Custom Cleaners. Your typical washer won’t give your shirt the cleaning it needs, nor will it make it feel brand new. Come to Town Custom Cleaners because there’s no better place in Miami to have your shirt cleaned. Dry cleaning your clothes will increase the longevity of your clothing. If you’ve ever noticed stray strands coming out of your clothes, then it’s because they’re wearing down. We’ll decrease the wear on your garments. Those hard to remove stains that you can’t get out will won’t be around by the time you get your shirts back from our cleaners. Has your best shirt ever shrunk on you? It’s because the best cleaners in Miami didn’t clean your garments. Here we give all the dry cleaning Miami pros without the cons. And, this October, we’re giving you a special added on with those pros. It’s a win-win.


Call and Visit The Best Cleaner

If you want your shirt washed with care and by someone you can trust, then there’s no one better than Town Custom Cleaners for your laundry service. We give you the cleaning that’s better than great, and we do while being ECO-friendly. Town Customs Cleaners has been dry cleaning Miami for twenty-five years. Be sure to take advantage of this deal; otherwise, you’ll be missing out. To learn more about us, visit our website, contact us page or call us at (305) 382-1488.