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Uses For Wire Hangers From Dry Cleaners

Nobody likes to have unused stuff hanging out around their home, causing clutter and taking up space. While you may love getting your clothes back freshly dry-cleaned from dry cleaners Palmetto Bay residents rely on like Town Custom Cleaners, it may be annoying to have to pesky wire hangers crowd your closet. You don’t have to throw them out- there’s plenty of great ways to re-purpose these hangers and use them to organize, decorate, adn display items in your home. Be kind to the environment and enjoy some other uses out of wire cleaners! Town Custom Cleaners provides dry cleaning Miami residents love. Call us today for your dry cleaning needs!


What To Do With Wire Hangers From The Cleaners


One great way to make use of your wire hangers is to make marshmallow roaster out of them! This is a very straightforward but useful tip you can employ. All you have to do is uncoil the hanger and straighten it  as much as possible. Curl up one end and fold it around once or twice to form a handle, which will also make your marshmallow roaster shorter and more manageable. You can also strengthen the stick by cutting the hanger in half and wrapping them together,  so that you can roast two marshmallows at the same time! Of course, you will want to make sure and sanitize the end with a cleaner or dish soap. Another great use for your wire hangers is to turn them into a calendar or magazine display. Simply hang the hanger on the wall with a thumbtack or naill, then place a card or magazine you want to display on the rack by hanging it by the fold horizontally. You can also do the same thing with calendar! Similarly, you can also create a Welcome or any type of holiday sign with paper and tape or fold it over the horizontal bottom of the hanger, and you can also create a Do Not Disturb sign if you wish to be left alone by annoying roommates!


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One great way to de-clutter your home and add some organization while re-using wire hangers from the cleaners is to use them as a scarf organizer! Simply loop your scarves, ties, or belts through the hanger and hang it up. Now you’ve got easy access and they take up less room! Flip flops can also be stored with wire hangers. Cut the hanger on both sides where it bends down, and loop the ends up towards the hook part of  the hanger to create two more hooks. Hook your flip-flops on the hooks, one on each side, and now you don’t have to scramble to find missing shoes! This technique probably also functions the same for flats. If you don’t want to waste money on a fancy hanging planter but want to add some greenery to your house, all you have to do is unwrap a hanger and loop it through a plastic planter (you may need to make holes here).


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There are many uses for your wire hangers so they’re not just sitting around taking up space! Try any of these tips from Town Custom Cleaners, dry cleaners palmetto bay residents trust. Call Town Custom Cleaners today for dry cleaning Miami residents love!