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Summer Dress Dry Cleaning & More

It is time to say yes to the dress! No, we aren’t talking about walking down the aisle. We are talking about getting your favorite dress dry cleaned! However, what if you never had a dress dry cleaned before? Don’t worry! The experts at Town Custom Cleaners are here to assist. We specialize in dress dry cleaning. When it comes to dry cleaners nearby, we are the ones Miami residents can count on. 


Why Do You Need To Dry Clean Your Dress

  • You sweat a lot
    • Your body keeps you cool in the summer by sweating, but all that sweat can be bad news for your summer best. It’s generally not the sweat itself that causes damage but bacteria; certain types of bacteria eat sweat compounds, causing discoloration and bad odors. There’s another culprit, too: deodorant. Some of the chemicals used in deodorant, such as aluminum, react with the compounds in sweat, which results in those telltale yellow stains. Bringing your summer dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits to the dry cleaner will ensure that the bacteria doesn’t have enough time to cause any damage.
  • You clean it too much
    • Because of all that time spent outdoors, you may take to washing your summer clothing more frequently — but all that time in a rough at-home washing machine can take a toll on the fabrics. Constantly washing your expensive summer dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits can lead to fabric deterioration, shortening the lifespan of your beloved clothing.
    • Dryers can take a toll as well, causing further fabric deterioration. Rompers and jumpsuits also frequently feature elastic waistbands, which can weaken in high heat. Drying clothing outside on a line is certainly eco-friendly, but exposing colored clothing to harsh sunlight causes colors to fade. It won’t happen instantaneously, but a few hours’ worths of exposure to UV rays will cause a noticeable difference.
  • It has delicate materials
    • Certain materials are best left to the professionals, even if numerous reports claim you can wash it at home. Silk, chiffon, lace and other delicate fabrics are often used for warm-weather clothing — especially dresses and other garments for weddings, which are commonly held in the summer. While hand-washing can be done, only a dry cleaner will know how to remove stains and keep colors crisp without damaging them.


We Have The Best Dress Dry Cleaning

Town Custom Cleaners is a local, family-owned business, serving the Hammocks and greater Kendall community for the last 25 years. We provide environmentally safe wet cleaning and dry cleaning services and use eco-friendly packaging products. Your garments are hand finished to keep them looking like new. We pride ourselves on making our customers happy with their cleaning experience – and they keep coming back because they know we truly care about protecting their clothing. We understand that every customer’s preferences are different and take special care to deliver personal requests in a timely manner.


Try The Best  Dry Cleaners Nearby

When it comes to the best dry cleaning and dry cleaners nearby, we are the ones to trust. We will make sure your sensitive and delicate fabrics get handled with care. Town Custom Cleaners is here for you. Call us today for more information. We aim to be the best cleaners in South Florida. Our passion for our work is driven by our values of quality, speed, service, and transparency. Each garment that comes into our store is treated with the utmost attention – we want you to look your absolute best! We are located in Palmetto Bay. Check out the best dry cleaners nearby!